Future of Biofuels 2021

GIDARA Energy spoke at the Future of Biofuels 2021 Conference that was held in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Replacing the emissions of 114.000 cars

By using our patented HTW® technology, we avoid up to 350.000 tonnes of CO2 every year in comparison to waste incineration.

This is equivalent to replacing the emissions of 114.116 cars every year.

People of GIDARA: Cristina Groian

Cristina Groian works as a Junior Process Engineer in our Nootdorp offices.

Cristina is focused on performing life cycle analysis (LCA) in order to reduce the carbon footprint on the environment.

GIDARA Energy announces collaborations with PARO, bp and Linde

GIDARA Energy is pleased to announce collaboration between its Advanced Methanol Amsterdam (“AMA”) facility and key players in the value chain from non-recyclable waste to advanced methanol: PARO, bp and Linde.

What kind of waste do we use?

The waste we can use in our HTW gasifier is very diverse. The only constant is that we only use non-recyclable waste. 


Our Circular Economy

By giving a second life to non-recyclable waste that is currently being incinerated or landfilled, GIDARA Energy is contributing to the circular economy by repurposing waste to replace fossil fuels.

GIDARA Energy announces AMA facility

GIDARA Energy is pleased to announce its first advanced biofuels facility in Amsterdam; Advanced Methanol Amsterdam (“AMA”).