People of GIDARA: Cristina Groian

My journey at GIDARA Energy

My journey at GIDARA Energy started in 2018 when I applied for an internship position in the G.I. Dynamics Engineering department. Since then, I had the great pleasure to be part of the team. My research topic during the internship was the emissions and regulations around sustainability in terms of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This study inspired me and made me realize the importance of sustainability and the contribution that can be made towards global emissions reduction goals. Nowadays, I am focused on performing life cycle analysis (LCA) in order to reduce the carbon footprint on the environment.

GIDARA has been incredibly flexible in my career progression, and I have been given the opportunity to work in different fields. Most of the time I am in contact with the Engineering department, however, a lot of the tasks that I do involve people from finance, sales, legal, research and development. These experiences allow me to get a different perspective over the work we are doing.

Commitment to diversity

As an expat living in the Netherlands, I am extremely grateful to work at GIDARA where one of the core values of the organization includes a commitment to diversity. I believe that learning about the similarities and differences of others creates a team that communicates at a high level.

GIDARA managed to create an open and honest culture, where we as employees always feel comfortable. I believe our fine teamwork is a result of the trust and confidence we receive form one another.

Connecting with my personal values

Through our life we have limited time and there is just so much effort we can put into our activities. Therefore, choosing to utilize it by connecting with my personal values, made it easy to choose a career path at GIDARA. Concentrating on sustainability makes the environment better which in the end has the benefit of improving people’s life. GIDARA’s mission on converting non-recyclable waste into clean and valuable products, is something I always envisioned to participate in. The work we do here is valuable for the society, for the environment and for us, the employees. I am proud to work with people every day who are as passionate about solving challenges on this topic as I am.