GIDARA Energy Announces New Senior Vice President

Exciting news here at GIDARA Energy! Brian Deason has recently joined us as our new Senior Vice President, leading the charge for GIDARA Energy’s North American expansion. Brian Deason brings a wealth of project development and EPC operations experience in the energy transition business. His passion for developing strategic, strong, and collaborative relationships to solve complex problems is aligned with GIDARA’s culture of being the best technology partner to our clients.    We’re confident that Brian Deason’s leadership, strategic vision, and passion for excellence will be instrumental in our mission of unlocking maximum value from waste and driving a cleaner, more circular economy. Please join me in welcoming Brian Deason to GIDARA Energy!

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About GIDARA Energy

GIDARA Energy is focused on converting waste feedstocks into sustainable fuels and circular chemicals using patented technologies. GIDARA Energy’s HTW® technology generates syngas, a versatile mixture capable of producing sustainable fuels like methanol, hydrogen, methane and bio or circular chemicals.  This syngas can also be directly converted into heat and power, offering additional utility for various sectors aiming to reduce fossil resource use and carbon emissions.

GIDARA Energy’s objective is to meet the demand for cleaner fuels, reduce global emissions, reduce waste and create a more circular economy. With over a decade of operational success and whole value chain integration, GIDARA Energy leads in the production of sustainable energy and circular products. The HTW® gasification technology provides a cost-competitive solution, unlocking the value of waste for sustainable fuel and chemical production while prioritizing cost, energy efficiency and GHG savings.


For more information, please feel free to reach out to:
Cristina Groian, Marketing & Communications, + 31 (0) 883180218