Unlocking the value of waste
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Fossil energy use and inadequate waste management are significant contributors to climate change. It is critical to adopt sustainable energy sources to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Yet, the development of technologies that transform solid waste into sustainable energy faces numerous challenges.

GIDARA Energy introduces our HTW® gasification technology. With this technology, we leverage extensive gasification knowledge to transform waste into sustainable fuels and circular chemicals. With our profound expertise in utilizing diverse waste streams as feedstock, we are well-positioned to significantly enhance decarbonization efforts and tackle waste management issues.

Join us in solving the waste and energy challenge while combating climate change.
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Ability to convert a wide range of
feedstocks into high-value products

Material feedstock

GIDARA's HTW® efficiently converts a wide
range of waste feedstock materials

Adaptable and cost-effective
gasification technology

Proven and flexible HTW® gasification
engineered for sustainability and efficiency

Multiple end product

Unlocking new pathways
to sustainable fuels and chemicals

Enabling transition

Upgrading waste to circular chemicals and sustainable fuels.

Gasification of waste is central to transforming waste feedstocks into sustainable fuels and circular chemicals. This process not only helps to meet regulatory obligations but also facilitates the transition towards a circular production pathway.

Enabling transition

Advanced technology

Gasification with proven industrial-scale value chain integration and feedstock flexibility.

Our advanced and patented HTW® gasification technology offers a cost-competitive solution. Using HTW® is not only feasible economically, it also drives competitive advantage.

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Advanced technology