GIDARA Energy Announces New EVP Commercial

GIDARA Energy is thrilled to announce the appointment of Peter-Paul Langerak as its new Executive Vice President of Commercial (EVP Commercial), effective May 1st, 2024. Peter-Paul offers considerable expertise in the energy industry and is dedicated to pushing GIDARA Energy’s mission to reduce waste and CO2. With an extensive background in senior commercial roles, Peter-Paul brings 20 years of experience in speciality chemicals with a specific focus on refining and catalysis. His passion for contributing to the energy transition, vision and strategic insights will play a crucial role in guiding our company towards continued growth and success.

“I’m excited to join GIDARA Energy’s talented team and be part of its growing success. There is an excellent fit between my personal and GIDARA Energy’s values and ambitions for growth. I’m extremely motivated to contribute to a clean and circular economy which is important for all, and especially our new generations. We will make a difference together.” Peter-Paul Langerak, EVP Commercial at GIDARA Energy.

Please join us in congratulating Peter-Paul on his new role! We are confident that he will make a significant impact on GIDARA Energy and help us achieve even greater success in the future.

About GIDARA Energy

GIDARA Energy is focused on converting waste feedstocks into sustainable fuels and circular chemicals using patented technologies. GIDARA Energy’s HTW® technology generates syngas, a versatile mixture capable of producing sustainable fuels like methanol, hydrogen, methane and bio or circular chemicals.  This syngas can also be directly converted into heat and power, offering additional utility for various sectors aiming to reduce fossil resource use and carbon emissions.

GIDARA Energy’s objective is to meet the demand for cleaner fuels, reduce global emissions, reduce waste and create a more circular economy. With over a decade of operational success and whole value chain integration, GIDARA Energy leads in the production of sustainable energy and circular products. The HTW® gasification technology provides a cost-competitive solution, unlocking the value of waste for sustainable fuel and chemical production while prioritizing cost, energy efficiency and GHG savings.


For more information, please feel free to reach out to:
Cristina Groian, Marketing & Communications, + 31 (0) 883180218