Darmstadt, Germany

Commissioning 2015
Years of Operation 2015-present
Product Capacity Testing Purposes (syngas and byproduct composition)
Utilized Feedstock RDF, Dried Biomass, MSW, Wood, Lignite, Coal (90-130 kg/h)

The facility at the Technical University of Darmstadt is a new state-of-the-art HTW® Pilot Plant. The purpose of the plant is feedstock testing, testing of design parameters, process enhancement, and operator training. The following operational parameters can be tested:
– Syngas, Bottom Ash, and Dust Composition.
– C-Gasification degree, agglomeration limits under real conditions.
– Optimum gasification temperatures.

GIDARA Energy can aid clients in feedstock testing for optimum gasification results. Per week of testing, approx. 25 tons of feedstock is required.


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