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GIDARA Energy is a Dutch technology-based energy company focused on converting non-recyclable waste into syngas, a clean and incredibly versatile source of energy.

About GIDARA Energy

GIDARA Energy is focused on converting non-recyclable waste into advanced biofuels using patented technologies. Our High-Temperature Winkler (HTW®) technology can be utilized to produce valuable products such as advanced biofuels for use in the road transport, marine and aviation sectors, helping these sectors to reduce their carbon emissions and become more sustainable.

About our Advanced Methanol Facilities

GIDARA Energy’s Advanced Methanol facilities based in the Port of Amsterdam and Port of Rotterdam are expected to be fully operational in 2025 and 2026 respectively. The facilities will produce an average of 175 KTA (kilotons per annum) from 350 KTA of non-recyclable waste. Our objective is to contribute to better fuels and a circular economy, while providing port expansion, thus more employment. AMA and AMR will work closely with local partners and several universities.

Our Advanced Methanol facilities use non-recyclable waste primarily to create advanced methanol for biofuel blending. Side streams such as green CO2 and solid residue are used for greenhouses and cement filling.

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