We make sure our waste isn't wasted

Founded in 2019, GIDARA Energy is a Joint Venture between G.I. Dynamics (The Netherlands) and ARA Partners (USA). 

GIDARA Energy focuses on green technologies acting as a bridge between waste and biobased feedstock, and the biobased market.  creating an integrated, sustainable and green business.

The GIDARA Team consists of business experts, technical experts, and project developers working together to build, own and operate green projects starting with our flagship project, Advanced Methanol Amsterdam.

GIDARA Energy owns the commercially proven High Temperature Winkler Gasification Technology (HTW®), now developed into the next generation HTW 2.0, further improving technical performance.

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Wim van der Zande

Board Member, CEO

Cory Steffek Board Member

Cory Steffek

Board Member

Charles Cherington Board member

Charles Cherington

Board Member

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Maarten Smits

Chief Finance Officer

Gerhard Eickermann CCO

Gerhard Eickermann

Chief Commercial Officer

Dan Moloney CPD

Dan Moloney

Chief Project Director

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Chris van der Zande

VP Technology and Innovation

Alireza Mohammadi VP Process and Technology

Alireza Mohammadi

VP Process and Technology


G.I. Dynamics

G.I. Dynamics is an independent and international leading technology partner founded with focus on the development and implementation of projects worldwide. Operating together with a global network of unique industrial players, we provide the latest state-of-the-art proven technologies and processes. 

Thanks to a comprehensive suite of technical competencies, G.I. Dynamics adds value to every phase of a project – from conceptual up to execution and implementation –  through to technology development, project delivery and operational support.

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Ara Partners

Ara Partners makes buyout and growth investments in companies targeting decarbonization of the chemical, materials, industrial and energy industries. Ara targets companies that provide the building blocks necessary to run the global economy. Ara focuses on high-growth businesses with minimal technology risk or commodity exposure.

The Ara Strategy targets investments driven by newly emergent demand for profitable companies with superior business models made possible by decarbonizing the fundamental products that underpin the global economy

Ara Focuses on high-growth businesses with minimal technology and commodity risk.

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