Value Chain

Our technology uses a variety of waste materials and converts them into valuable end products. 

The AMA Value chain

Feedstock preparation

Non-recyclable waste is converted into Pelletised Feed Material (PFM) and supplied as feedstock to our AMA plant


AMA Details


We use our own technology in which pelletized waste is heated under high pressure, broken down and ressembled into Syngas. 


Methanol Production

The Syngas is converted to Methanol in a well-proven catalytic process and delivered to our customers for fuel blending.

AMA Facility 1

Green CO2

All side streams of the HTW process will be put to use. This ensures a complete circular value chain within the AMA facility. The CO2 is captured, cleaned and used for local greenhouse horticulture. 

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Cement Filling

The recovered solid residues are used for making bio-composite cement filling.

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